Friday, October 05, 2012

Quote of the Day: Obama on Romney's attack on Sesame Street

By Michael J.W. Stickings 

The president, at a speech yesterday in Wisconsin:

When he was asked what he would do to actually cut spending and reduce the deficit, he said he'd eliminate public television funding... But I just want to make sure I got this straight. He'll get rid of regulations on Wall Street -- but he's going to crack down on Sesame Street.

Yes, that's right. Because, of course, Romney doesn't want to tell the voters just what he'd cut given how deeply unpopular such cuts would be. Better to talk about offsetting his massive tax cuts for the rich with vague talk about loopholes and deductions and to go after one of the right's usual targets, public television, which takes up a minuscule percentage of the federal budget.

And by minuscule I mean 0.012 of the budget

Yes, killing Big Bird is surely the way to go. I mean, it's not like the numbers have to add up or anything. (Right, Paul Ryan?)

(For more, see TakeMyCountryBack, where I got the image above.)

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  • His history has me convinced he would make some good decisions. I am betting he will tell us how he will do it but a little closer to the end. Why would he cast his pearls.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:36 AM  

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