Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mid-blogging: Thoughts during the 2012 vice-presidential debate

By Michael J.W. Stickings and Richard K. Barry, with Frank Moraes

Stay tuned for our post-debate post, coming up later!



Biden's doing well calling out Ryan on his dishonesty and bullshitting. I worry, though, that the split screen is hurting him. His laughing while Ryan is speaking may be a bit much. I get why he's doing it, but he needs to keep it under control. And while interrupted is fine, again, he needs to do it strategically and only to make key points.

I'd say that the foreign policy part was a wash. Ryan was spouting the usual propaganda, but Biden wasn't entirely effective at addressing it. And the problem with foreign policy is that simplistic points like Ryan's tend to go over well, while nuance -- dealing with reality, as Biden stressed -- falls flat.

But Biden is really doing well on the economy, picking apart the Romney-Ryan plan and addressing voters directly. But he needs to point out more directly that Ryan is talking utter fantasy and show just how Ryan's plan is the imposition of right-wing ideology.

Great point from Biden that Ryan asked for stimulus money.

And Ryan's actually defending his "math"? Wow. An opening for Biden... and he's getting stronger. Can he keep it up?

Frank Moraes:

Biden looks surprisingly good. He has made the decision to go after Romney rather than Ryan. This is very good. However, many lies are getting past. In particular, Ryan's multiple implications that Obama "apologized for America." How? This is not true but hasn't been called. Biden finally landed a major punch noting that the "You didn't meet with Benjamin Netanyahu" line is total bullshit. Now on domestic issues Biden is really taking off.

Also: the split screen is working much better for Biden than it was for Obama.


I think Joe is schooling the young man thus far. He is engaged and good on the facts. The most important thing Biden is doing is fighting. I like the way he is interrupting Ryan. It's working for me. I like the split screen for the way Biden is smiling and shaking his head at Ryan's nonsense. It really doesn't matter what the arguments are as long as Biden's energy is up.

As I wrote earlier, Biden's tone is very real. He knows how to talk to voters.

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  • Biden is making himself look like a rude jerk. That is not what the country needs as potential replacement for president. Sad thing,is I was supporting Obama!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:18 PM  

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