Thursday, July 12, 2012

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus goes all Joe McCarthy

The face of the GOP.
Damn, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus gives me the creeps. I'm not entirely sure how I'd describe him: maybe part Edward G. Robinson, part Eddie Munster grown up but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have a reflection in a mirror. I don't know where the GOP dug him up, but this dude is one dark soul.

Recently, he was being interviewed by John Roberts, who was sitting in for Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. It's worth noting that earlier in his career Roberts was known as J.D. Roberts when he was a music video VJ in Toronto. Judging from this interview, ol' J.D. still has the journalistic chops he developed asking the tough questions to people like Boy George and Olivia Newton John. You know, who designs your clothes, who does your hair, that sort of thing?

I now it's foolish to expect anything from Fox but, as Mediaite points out, Fox News Sunday is a "news" program, not the Hannity or O'Reilly dreck where right wingers are expected to drone on for hours unchallenged. But there was Reince (Reince? What kind of name is that?) talking about how voters have to elect Romney to "save America" and for "the sake of the very idea of America," and for "liberty and freedom" to prevent Obama from doing away with "our way of life."

And there was J.D., looking dapper as ever, letting him go on with nary a word.

Fine. It's Fox. I should expect it. But I am getting so tired of this Tea Party argument from someone who is supposed to represent the mainstream of the Republican Party that to support the kinds of fairly middling policies Obama and Democrats everywhere are offering is to support the end of the "idea of America."

Here we go again. Only Republicans are true Americans. Only Republicans love their country. Only a Republican should be president. Anyone who disagrees ought to be hauled before some sort of House un-American Activities Committee to swear they don't advocate the overthrow of the government. If they take the fifth or give a wrong answer, well, it wouldn't be pretty.

For what has become of the Republican Party, this election isn't about competing ideas of governing. It's a fight to the death between those who believe in America and those who want to destroy her. Given the stakes as Priebus describes them, it actually amazes me that they don't have a plan to take up arms when they lose the election in November. Maybe they do.

I'm just tired of it. It really pisses me off.

Here's creepy Reince:

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