Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt Romney wants black people to vote for him

The 2012 Republican Party. Not exactly NAACP-friendly.

The Times:

Four years ago, Barack Obama captured 95 percent of the black vote. But in a 2012 election in which every vote may matter, Mitt Romney is not conceding an inevitable rout on that front.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney will make a pitch to the nation's premier civil rights group, the N.A.A.C.P., testing President Obama's overwhelming support among black voters by trying to pry away some defectors with his pro-jobs message at a time of 14.4 percent unemployment among African-Americans.

Okay, Obama may not win 95 percent of the black vote this year, but Romney's appearance seems more like a symbolic gesture than a serious pitch for votes.

After all, his "pro-jobs message" is as substantial as a Justin Bieber tune. To the extent that he has any sort of plan for the economy, it's all about slashing taxes, mostly for the benefit of very rich people like himself, and so all his message amounts to is an ad hominem attack on Obama based almost entirely on lies, with the message coming from a privileged rich douchebag whose party is overwhelmingly white and mostly dismissive, often aggressively so, of the concerns of non-white America.

Do you really think that will play well with black voters?

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