Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 days -- join the Obama-Biden campaign

As of today, there are 100 days until the election. Let me repeat that: just 100 days.

To mark the occasion, the Obama camapaign has released a video along with a new site and is holding more than 4,200 events across the country, rallying volunteers and engaging supporters.

The new video, which you can watch below, takes place from the point-of-view of a campaign volunteer, taking you through the steps of getting involved -- including volunteering, registering voters, and making phone calls -- all the way up to voting.

This is incredibly urgent. I would like to think that President Obama has a decided advantage over Romney, given that undecided voters should shift to the president once they start paying attention (once the campaign really gets going in earnest with the conventions) and once the contrasts between the two options are made more clear (particularly when the president gets out on the campaign trail), but there's no doubt it's going to be close, one way or the other, and we all know this election is going to come down to a few swing states that could go either way.

The president and his team will be doing what they need to do, but the rest of us need to be fully engaged as well, helping get the message out, emphasizing the contrasts, detailing Romney's lies and the ugly Republican smears, promoting the president's accomplishments and objectives going forward into a second term, stressing the importance of this election (identifying what fundamentally is at stake), and making sure we get out as many voters as possible so that America moves forward with hope and a vision for progressive change, not backward into a darker, bleaker past.

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  • All ready on board here!! Just put in eight hours this weekend alone & am scheduled for four hours next week -- and will prolly do more. Ohio is a battleground state and I like my Social Security and Medicare so Obama has my almost undivided attention!!!

    By Blogger Kay Dennison, at 8:02 PM  

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