Friday, July 27, 2012

Quote of the Day: Carl Lewis on Mitt Romney

Carl Lewis won nine Olympic gold medals.
Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is a national embarrassment.

Like David Cameron and Boris Johnson, but from an American perspective, Carl Lewis, one of America's greatest ever Olympians (and athletes generally), smacked Mitt down over his stupid comments about London not being ready to host the Games:

Seriously, some Americans just shouldn't leave the country.

That's right, he said that the Republican nominee for president is such an insular ignoramus he should stay at home lest he embarrass himself and his country abroad.

Which, indeed, Mitt has done over and over again on this little foreign tour of his, making gaffe after gaffe and proving to anyone who cares to pay attention that he's nowhere near up to the job of being president, particularly where diplomacy and foreign affairs are concerned.

Mitt goes around saying President Obama apologizes to foreign audiences for America, a blatant lie. The truth is that, were he president, America would have to go around apologizing for Mitt.


More here, including this from Harry Reid:

It's not good for us as a country, it's not good for him... to go over and insult everybody.

No, but it's Mitt's way. He's an arrogrant douchebag, and he just can't help himself.

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