Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tim Tebow gets booed at Yankee Stadium (for sitting in the stands)

I have nothing against Tim Tebow. I'm not much for the God stuff myself, but it's a free country and he can do whatever he wants, including take a knee every time he impresses himself. Who am I to criticize?

I will say that I don't think Tebow is an NFL-level quarterback, though he might excel at another position if given the chance. Tight end, maybe.

I have to say that the joke is on me, though, because I wrote about how good it would be if Peyton Manning were to come to the New York Jets. Instead, Manning's move to the Denver Broncos made possible the Tebow trade to the Jets. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

It's probably good that Tebow got booed in New York, so he can get used to the distinctive sound of Big Apple raspberries, which is what he's going to hear every time he tries to throw the ball - rarely a good thing when it happens.

Yes, Tim was attending a Yankees game along with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade as the Yankees took on the Angels, sitting in the stands, minding his own business. He was even wearing a Yankee cap and they booed him anyway. And, of course, he just smiled.

Nice kid. New York will eat him alive. 

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