Monday, January 23, 2012

France calls Turkey's mass murder of Armenians what it was: genocide

Via twitter: 

French Senate votes to criminalize any public denial of what new law calls Ottoman Empire's #genocide of Armenians. (link)

-- CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk)

I'm not big on efforts to stifle free speech, even when the speech in question is a lie, but at least France has the guts to stand up to Turkey and its decades-long campaign of revisionism / denialism.

Genocide is genocide. Period.

Now why the hell won't the U.S. stop kowtowing to Turkey and being an accomplice to its blatant dishonesty and abject refusal to account for its ugly past?

When you can't call genocide genocide, even when geopolitical demands are strong (and, yes, we would prefer Turkey be friend, not foe), you simply don't have much moral standing to your name.


I've written about his issue numerous times already -- critical of both Bush and Obama. Check out:

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