Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John McCain: faux maverick, genuine hypocrite, shameless panderer

Oh, John McCain, you faux maverick now sucking up to the right and playing the hardcore partisan to fend off a conservative primary challenge, have you no shame?

Okay, okay, I know. You don't. You picked Palin, after all, unleashing her on an unsuspecting world.

But seriously, calling for the National Guard to guard the border, your border, against all those illegal Mexicans, when you once seemed to be so sensible on immigration reform, a rare light of compassion in an otherwise cruel party of darkness? Really?

You're as transparent as a pane of glass. And conservatives see right through you.

Some of us always knew you were a complete and utter phony. Now you're letting everyone else know, too.

Thanks for that.

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