Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Leader Rush calls for segregated buses

By Michael J.W. Stickings

For Rush Limbaugh, it probably would be for the best if the whole civil rights movement had never happened, let alone been successful. Then America would still be able enjoy those halcyon days of segregation and lynching.

I kid you not.

As The Raw Story is reporting, Rush went on an especially noxious diatribe on Wednesday, blaming the school bus attack directly on Obama -- and on "Obama's America."

He even added this: "We need segregated buses."

Now, of course, what he means is that segregated buses are needed in Obama's America, not Bush's America, or Reagan's America, or whatever. It is his incredibly distorted view that the very election of Obama has turned America into a racial/racist bloodbath.

Apparently, it would seem, no one should talk about race at all. What's funny, though, is that Obama doesn't -- aside from that brilliant speech last year, he tends to be rather post-racial in his politics. So it's not at all clear to me how Obama has ushered in this new America, an America that requires segregation to keep white kids safe from black kids.

Oh... there is it, isn't it? What concerns Rush, and others like him, is that the attack was black-on-white. Surely he wouldn't have hyperventilated so much had the attack been white-on-black.

Indeed, what so clearly bothers conservatives like Rush is that a black man has been elected president. What he would prefer, I can only presume, is that blacks, and every other Other, should be kept down in their place... on a sugar plantation, for example.

The white-first universe that makes Rush feel so special, and that he so wanted to preserve, has been upended. And all he can do, now, is spew the same old racism, if not quite from the same position of privilege.

The world has changed, America has changed, for the better -- even if an isolated incident that, we now know, may not even have been racially motivated, enrages the right.

Obama is not the cause of change for the worse, he is proof of change for the better. And the last thing we need now is a return to the dark ages of segregation.

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  • Leave it to the humorless left to take Rush literally. What he is doing is engaging in a form of satire to make the point that anyone opposed to Obama is going to be called a racist.

    I think you're smart enough to know this, but you hate Rush so much, that you need to pretend he literally wants to segregate school buses. Do you know who Bo Snerdly is? Probably not because I'm sure you never actually listen to Rush. Bo Snerdly is Rush's call screener and occasionally does some skits. Bo Snerdly is conservative. Bo Snerdly is African-American. Bo Snerdly works with Rush on a daily basis.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 AM  

  • Phrases like "the humorless left" really belong on a bronze plaque in the Comedy Hall of Fame. Not that the concept is invalid. I'd have a stroke if I ever saw Ralph Nader smile,for instance, but what you're selling is the idea that Liberals, a persuasion that includes nearly all comedians, don't see how funny people like Rush are because there's something pathological about them.

    I'm so impressed that Rush hires minorities. I guess Strom Thermond and George Wallace and Jefferson Davis weren't either on that basis. Certainly nobody could be a racist pig who hired minorities, could they?

    On the other hand, the things that make Rush laugh seem too often to include mocking the innocent and helpless as well as mocking things invented for the purpose.

    No, the people who tell racist jokes usually stop short of actually acting out their private fantasies about segregation and the subordination of minorities and for a variety of reasons, but if you're telling me that Rush isn't an ugly racist boor, or isn't trying to pander to those who are, you're lying and quite obviously at that.

    I think Rush embodies almost everything mean-spirited, small minded, cruel, selfish, hypocritical that can fit into one shriveled heart, but if you disagree, you couldn't have come to a worse place to do it. Unless you've brought your own trolls that you're grandstanding for, everyone here thinks you're a dishonest blowhard and an apologist for evil.

    So are you laughing yet Rushboy? Don't get the joke? Can't see I'm joking here? Well what about the one about your mother and the shoeshine boy? Your sister and the Lakers? What? I'm joking, don't you have a sense of humor? How humorless you are here in Rush's America.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 11:44 AM  

  • Cannot comment on that blather. If you had any response to my calling Rush's comments "satire," there might be something worth reading.

    Regardless, you just did not address the issue. If you say Rush is a racist, fine, that's your opinion. But for Sticking (and I gather you, too, not to understand that Rush was NOT really calling for segregating buses is just sad . . . unless of course, as I really suspect, it's just a ploy so you can convince dumb liberals that he must be racist based on those comments.

    The good news, Fogg, is that you are apparently so fucking rich, that you will be the first to go in the Revolution, be it Fascist, Marxist, or led by some religious nut.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:52 PM  

  • Hey Anonymous

    Pull your head out of Rush's ass for a minute and listen to what he actually said ...He not only called for Segregated Buses, but defended racism, saying that it's okay if, much like being born gay, it's okay to be racist if you were born a racist ...

    Which, if we extend out that theory, does that mean the Dittoheads were born Dittoheads?

    The Garlic

    By Blogger The Garlic, at 8:37 AM  

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