Thursday, February 01, 2007

Face Rush when you flush

By Capt. Fogg

I don’t pretend to know from first-hand experience, but from what I read, it may be that the British, having once been the world’s largest empire and having citizens of such diverse ethnicity and religious persuasions, makes more of an effort to treat British subjects who are Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Confucian, and Animist with equal respect than does the United States. Whether or not this is true, they do treat Muslims with more respect than Rush Limbaugh, man’s man and woman’s nightmare, would like them to.

Perhaps Rush’s vision of Great Britain is a nation where there is not only a state religion, but a state policy of discrimination against all faiths but the Anglican Church, much as King Henry VIII practised. Although a comparison between the two fat bullies would insult King Henry more than I care to do, it is compelling. But, to make a nauseating story short, Rush, his massive and flatulent ass bouncing and flabby appendages waving like some demented pagan idol, gave another one of his disgusting performances on Wednesday, January 30th. His free-form, stream-of-stupidity lecture was about the outrageous act of the British Government in providing toilets for Muslim inmates that complied with a religious practice. They moved some toilets in one prison so that they didn’t require the inmate to face Mecca while using them. What would Jesus think of such outright decency?

Somehow, in the little mind of Limbaugh, this translates into a waste of taxpayer money, although he disregards the Muslim taxpayers of England in saying so – and somehow in the insect brain of Limbaugh this grants license to Muslims to hijack airplanes with box cutters if the aircraft is on a heading that includes Mecca. I have to wonder about his reaction to a government that neglected adequately to support his religion with taxpayer money or that forced whatever bizarre form of Christianity he calls his own to act against its moral convictions or religious practices – whatever they might be.

I’m sure that for Rush disciples, freedom of religion and treating others with dignity is for liberal weenies and if you steal a car, your punishment must include not only deprivation of liberty, not only torture, but complete and unremitting insult to your religion and ethnicity. As For Rush, any God that he believes in would simply forgive his own trespasses, his lies, his blasphemies, his false witness and all for no other reason than because of who he is. Any God that Rush believes in would in fact be Rush.

(Cross-posted at Human Voices.)

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