Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The little duck that could

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Via Natalia Antonova, I've come across the truly amazing story of a little Floridean duck named Perky:

A duck that survived being shot and spending two days in a refrigerator has now overcome major surgery -- despite briefly dying on the operating table.

Florida vets working to repair gunshot damage to Perky's wing panicked when the duck twice stopped breathing.

But they managed to resuscitate the bird, who leapt to fame when she was found alive in a hunter's fridge two days after being shot.

Perky now has a pin in her wing, but is expected to make a good recovery.

Wow. Read the whole article. It really is an incredible story.


Three thoughts in response:

1) Have I mentioned recently that I'm looking forward to the time when the hunted become the hunters? Well, I am. And I mean it. If and when ducks shoot back, I'll be on the side of the ducks. Or the quails. Or the deer. Or...

2) This is why I'm moving -- slowly but determinedly -- to vegetarianism. Sure, I've had duck before. Many times. But no more. I just can't. And won't.

3) Anyone who isn't touched by this story, who doesn't feel for Perky, who doesn't wish her well, is, in my view, to put it politely, under-evolved. So are those who treat animals as commodities to be used and abused. Those who abuse animals deserve severe punishment. Period.


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