Tuesday, March 14, 2006


By Creature

I'm disappointed already. Senator Feingold's censure resolution is not even a day old and the debate has already been framed. The Democrats are overreaching. The Democrats are weak on national security. Will anybody mention that the president broke the law? This is not a debatable point. How is the President getting away with this? My answer is simple. I blame the Democrats. The Republicans are being allowed to frame the issue because the Democrats are not standing behind Senator Feingold. The Democrats should be pounding the President with the "he broke the law" meme. But no, they waffle, they cower, they play politics when the issue is clear:

Throughout the day, Feingold's fellow Democrats said they understood his frustration but they held back overt support for the resolution.

Several said they wanted first to see the Senate Intelligence Committee finish an investigation of the warrantless wiretapping program that Bush authorized as part of his war on terrorism.

Asked at a news conference whether he would vote for the censure resolution, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada declined to endorse it and said he hadn't read it.

The Democrats are living in a fantasy world where they think compromise is possible. There are no compromises. There is no middle ground. The "investigation" by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a partisan farce. The President gets away with breaking the law because the Democrats are complicit. I'm tired of middle-of-the-road Democrats. Please, just get out of the road and let people with true convictions take control of the wheel.


P.S. I bet John Murtha will come out and support Senator Feingold. If anyone knows what it's like to be abandoned by your own party, Murtha does.

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For even more censure perspective, please stop by Glenn Greenwald's
Unclaimed Territory. The great Anonymous Liberal has a must-read and "reasonable" post breaking down the entire debate.

Contributor Note: Hello Reaction readers. I just wanted to take this opportunity, on my maiden Reaction post, to thank Michael for allowing my words to reach all of you. Thanks Michael, your support is appreciated.

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