Saturday, January 14, 2006

Whither Iran?

At The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandelman looks at "[t]he growing, simmering crisis swirling around Iran's decision to ignore European and American calls for it to halt its nuclear program".

Here's more from the Times and the Post.

In Britain's Telegraph, Anton La Guardia addresses President Ahmadinejad's "divine mission": "The main rift is no longer between 'reformists' and 'hardliners', but between the clerical establishment and Mr Ahmadinejad's brand of revolutionary populism and superstition."

On the right, Michelle Malkin is "preparing for the worst". I'm not sure we're "on the brink," and I worry about the prospect of a reckless military excursion into Iran, not least one that diverts attention away from what's going on in Iraq, but Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy, and perhaps nuclear weaponry, is obviously a concern that demands our attention (and perhaps, eventually, military action).

As Steve Soto puts it at The Left Coaster, however, "we can’t do anything about [Iran] at this time" -- at least not what we should do, at least not what we could have done back in 2001.

See also All Things Beautiful, The Glittering Eye, and Publius Pundit.

My last post on Iran is here.

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