Thursday, July 09, 2015

Trump is going down (but not soon enough)

By Richard Barry

Here's a good chuckle for the day. Chuck Todd and the team at NBC News note that although Donald Trump is doing well in the short term it won't last due to past statements sure to piss off the base. For example:
His comment to NBC's Tim Russert in 1999 that "I'm very pro-choice." (That '99 quote is striking, especially considering what he told CNN last month: TRUMP: "Right, I'm pro-choice." CNN: "You're pro-choice or pro-life?" TRUMP: "I'm pro-life. I'm sorry.") Exhibit B: His remark on not opposing gays serving in the military in that same 1999 interview. "Hey, I've lived in New York City and Manhattan all of my life. So my views are a little different than had I lived in Iowa." (Expect that line in a TV ad to Iowa voters.) Exhibit C: Another 1999 quote from Trump via Buzzfeed. "I'm very liberal when it comes to health care," he said. "I believe in universal health care." Make no mistake, GOP rivals and outside groups will make Iowa and New Hampshire voters know about those lines if Trump is still riding high in the polls by November or December. And remember, our own NBC/WSJ poll from last month found 66% of Republicans saying they couldn't see themselves supporting Trump.

Yes, it's a sideshow. We know it. Trump knows it. But the attention continues, which further validates the American delusion that great wealth has something to do with great wisdom. 

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  • My interest in Trump is purely selfish: I just want him on the debate state. But I think these claims of NBC are overblown. Republican voters have generally been fine with apostates who have seen the light. The problem with Trump is that he only looks good when there are 17 people in the race. I don't think he can do much better than he is now. But who knows? He is kind of the perfect candidate for the Republican base. First, he's rich, and they love that. Second, he tells them "hard truths" that are actually just exactly what they want to hear. (Nothing like telling people the hard truth that all their problems are someone else's fault!) So he might go far.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 2:07 PM  

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