Wednesday, July 08, 2015

That's Gilmore with a "G"

By Richard Barry

I was a little tired this morning as I went through various news sites for my daily infusion of political information, so I can probably be forgiven for thinking, if only for a second, that comedian, television host, and Colbert replacement Larry Wilmore was running for the GOP presidential nomination. After blinking a few times I realized the headline I had just read was actually "Gilmore Will Run for President." You can understand my confusion.

If you didn't know, there is a former governor of Virginia (1998-2002) by the name Jim Gilmore, and he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch he's joining the cast of thousands currently vying for the Republican nomination, a move only slightly less implausible than a Wilmore candidacy, and far less entertaining.

According to the Times-Dispatch story Gilmore said he's running because "he does not think any other Republican candidates have addressed what he considers the vital national security and economic concerns facing the nation."

Sure he doesn't, but he may have the shortest campaign in history as he is unlikely to make the cut for the first debate in August and therefore get left in the dust before anyone has a chance to figure out who he used to be.

It's been said that the GOP race is incredibly flat, which is supposed to mean there is no front-runner or group of leading candidates, but that's just not true. If it were true it might make sense for obscure no-hopers to jump in because, you know, what the heck.

Still, as long as the media reports the race like literally anything could happen, the Gilmores of the world will be tempted for one more moment in sun.

Just wondering what or who is next.


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  • I think the debates are a mistake. They should have done them the old way with criteria to get in and no set number of participants. But the problem is that so many people are running. If the Republican base weren't such prime marks for grift, this wouldn't be a problem. As it is, at least two (and more like four) of the 7 major candidates aren't serious.

    But Gilmore makes me think of this hilarious article from The Onion in January: Bobby Jindal Not Sure He Willing To Put Family Through 2-Month Presidential Campaign.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 1:34 PM  

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