Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vast majority of conservatives are still against gay marriage (and the Pope is still Catholic)

By Richard K. Barry

According to a survey conducted by a Republican polling group, conservatives are still overwhelmingly opposed to same-sex marriage. 

The poll, by Wilson Research Strategies, found a whopping 82% of the GOP’s base (which included right-leaning independent voters) defined marriage as between a man and a woman, while 75% disagreed that politicians should be seeking to “redefine marriage.” In both cases the majority of respondents felt strongly or even “definitely” about the issue.

But, while the voting conservative public may have a clear view, many in the conservative leadership know that this is a problem for the future of the GOP. 

As reported in the Washington Post:
Fred Sainz, a spokesman for Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group, agreed that “a tectonic shift is taking place in the Republican Party on marriage equality.” He cited several polls showing shifting support and the growing number of lawmakers in favor of dropping opposition even as top leaders remain opposed. “For the Republican hierarchy it's a very straightforward question,” Sainz said. “How can they attract the next generation of voters and not support an issue young people have made their minds up on?”

How indeed.

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