Friday, November 02, 2012


By Mustang Bobby

Shorter George F. Will:

Barack Obama is going to win, and I don't like that at all.

His version of a primal scream is fun to read because he embodies the uptight bow-tied daddy mentality, especially when he incorporates words like "bilious."

I don't think Mr. Will is an out-and-out bigot, but it's clear from his tone that he thinks Barack Obama was presumptuous in running for president and that once in office, he put on airs as if he was worthy of being the Commander in Chief when anybody could see that someone like him had no business being in the Oval Office. How dare he? Who does he think he is?

Of course, all the things he accuses Mr. Obama of doing — and not doing — in his first term would be excused by Mr. Will if he were a WASP Republican working against an intransigent and stubborn opposition party (which is a fantasy in itself), but because Mr. Obama is neither, he's the one who is guilty of arrogance and condescension. He doesn't use the word "uppity," but he might just as well; a sneer from him is as good as the N-bomb from anybody else.

I won't be waiting around to see if Mr. Will casts his watery gaze at the flailing campaign of Mitt Romney and his blatant misstatements and outright lies. In fact, I expect that Mr. Will will defend the Romney camp; what else can they do when they're under attack from the gang that doesn't respect the manifest destiny of their superiors?

What must be especially galling for Mr. Will is that in the last twenty years, the best examples of leadership and inspiration in this country have come from men he despised not for their policy but for their lack of breeding. It must really rattle the sensibilities of the old boys at Burning Tree that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, neither of whom could pass muster at the country club admissions committee, rallied the nation while their best example, a scion of the aristocracy, turned out to be a fool and a laughing stock.

I love the smell of freshly-made karma. 

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