Monday, November 26, 2012

"Gangnam Style" is now the most watched YouTube video of all time

By Richard K. Barry

Maybe I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had not seen the "Gangnam Style" video until this past weekend. I was with family in New Jersey with some time on my hands and decided to check it out. I am a huge music fan with my own music blog, tending more towards rock and blues, but still, this "Gangnam Style" video is a cultural phenomenon and I should have been paying more attention.

Now ABC New reports that "Gangnam Style" is the most watched YouTube video ever. Yahooooo!!!!!! Drop the confetti! The balloons! Whatever.

YouTube says in a posting on its Trends blog that "Gangnam Style" had been viewed 805 million times as of Saturday afternoon, surpassing Justin Bieber's "Baby," which has had 803 million views.

The blog says the "velocity of popularity for PSY's outlandish video is unprecedented."

For those who scratch their heads trying to figure out what the next major shift in popular taste will be, I'm guessing this was a bit of a surprise. Not that I necessarily saw Justin Bieber coming either, not being a twelve-year-old girl.

Anyway, in the event that anyone other than me failed to trip over this offering by PSY, here it is. Good fun, I suppose. Hey, anyone remember the Macarena? That was big for a couple of weeks once too. 

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  • I don't mean to be a pretentious twat, but I am going to continue my ignorance of the video. I've seen enough of it to know that it is no more important than Baby ft. Ludacris. Speaking of which, have you heard my rant against pitch correction software?

    Justin Bieber and the End of Western Culture

    By Anonymous Frankly Curious, at 11:10 PM  

  • "Gangnam Style" is fluff that will be forgotten in a couple of years.
    But then again, so is 99 percent of what appears on the Billboard Top 40 chart.

    By Blogger Marc McDonald, at 2:07 AM  

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