Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For granted

By Carl 

There are a few things New Yorkers take for granted. Our mass transit system is one of these.

See, the subways alone move something like 8.5 million people each work day. Each. Work. Day. That's the entire population of the city of New York loading onto and off of a subway train, 300 days each year.

Those subways are out, which you might think would just be an inconvenience.

But think about this: for every single one of those folks underground, that's one less person above it.

Traffic today was a nightmare, and that's before you consider that the schools are still closed and many companies are not open yet. Buses are running as best as they can, but remember, transit workers like drivers rely on the subways to get to those jobs, too.

In Manhattan proper, where the largest share of those 8.5 million people end up at some point in the day, traffic is at a standstill. This is gridlock multiplied by Obamalock and added to holiday traffic.

And that's before we take into consideration things like a major thoroughfare, 57th Street, is closed because a yutz couldn't secure a crane properly. Or the fact that, below 39th Street, the power to the streetlights is out.

I walked much of the way into work today, and anticipate leaving as early as possible, perhaps at lunch. I normally would bike this kind of distance, about five miles each way, but my asshole boss refuses to allow bikes in our office and bike parking is at a premium in the district I work in. I could chain my bike up, to be sure, but that almost invites all kinds of trouble on the street, and I'd at the very least have to carry my seat with me.

Still, I'll persevere. Ten miles of walking every day... every fucking day, rain or snow or sleet or wind... ought to do me some good.

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  • Trust me, walking 10 miles is no fun if you're not used to it and I'm relatively young and in-shape. Have you considered a longboard? They aren't that hard to use and you could hide it from your boss under a desk.

    By Blogger Flippy, at 10:44 AM  

  • Walking is awesome. But are you sure your boss will allow your shoes in the office?

    By Anonymous Frankly Curious, at 12:55 PM  

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