Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A.M. Headlines

U.S. Politics

(Washington Post): "Obama, Romney respond to Hurricane Sandy, as it upends campaign plans"

(Associated Press): "Nature slams campaigns into real world"

(Politico): "Hurricane Sandy forces anti-politics politics"

(New York Times): "GOP turns fire on Obama pillar, the auto bailout"

(Boston.com): "Citing hurricane, Scott Brown pulls out of final U.S. Senate debate; Elizabeth Warren follows suit"

Other News

(Washington Post): "Sandy slams New York, New Jersey; Washington region spared major devastation"

(Fox News): "Over a dozen dead, over 7 million without power as Sandy pummels the East Coast"

(Reuters): "Meningitis outbreak spreads to 19 states with case in Rhode Island

(Associated Press): "Ukraine opposition hesitant over ruling party win"

(Austin American-Statesman): "Smith almost perfect, 49ers flatten Arizona 24-3"


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