Friday, October 26, 2012

A.M. Headlines

Always good for a laugh
U.S. Politics

(Time): "Why Ohio will decide the presidential election"

(Politico): "Sununu suggests Powell motivated by race"

(New York Times): "Bad luck and missteps make GOP Senate climb steeper"

(Washington Post): "Polls show widening racial gap in presidential contest"

(Associated Press): "Romney pressed on abortion question"

Other News

(CBS News): "Hurricane Sandy forces East Coast to brace for hit"

(Jerusalem Post): "Fighting ruptures ragged Syria holiday cease-fire"

(Los Angeles Times): "Suicide bomber kills 40 at Afghanistan mosque"

(ABC News): "Halfway to title: Giants win 2-0 for 2-0 WS lead"

(New York Times): "Jacques Barzun dies at 104: Cultural critic saw the sun setting in the West"


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