Monday, September 24, 2012

Game Change wins big at the Primetime Emmys

By Richard K. Barry

Congratulations go out to those associated with the HBO movie Game Change for taking home a bunch of hardware from the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards.

 As the L.A. Times reports:

"Game Change," adapted from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's bestselling account of the 2008 presidential election, picked up four prizes overall, including the Emmy for outstanding lead actress, which went to Julianne Moore for her portrayal of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Director Jay Roach and writer Danny Strong also won in their categories. 

Julianne Moore was able to get a shot in at the former VP candidate in her acceptance speech saying, "I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down."

 Poor stupid Sarah.

 Here's one of my favourite scenes.

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  • It was a remarkable film. I really liked the arc from disliking Palin to sympathizing with her to thinking even less of her than when I started.

    And Julianne Moore was great. She's also great in the Beckett on Film version of "Not I." It's worth checking out if you like Beckett at all.

    By Anonymous Frankly Curious, at 10:39 PM  

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