Monday, July 02, 2012

Carrying on

It's been five days since the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the Affordable Care Act and the right-wingers have not let up on their tantrums and tirades. So far they've included everything from threats of impeachment, armed rebellion, and nullification to questions of medical impairment and at least one death wish. The latter did not come from some Cheeto-munching blogger in his man-cave but from a Tea Party leader in New Hampshire. Granted, there's a fine line between the two, but you get the idea: these people do not take losing very well.

Maybe I'm forgetting, but after the Court ruled in Bush v. Gore and Citizens United -- both of which arguably will have more of an impact on our democracy than health insurance reform -- I don't remember the progressives going off on such primal screams. Yes, they were angry and upset, but not to this degree, in such numbers, and not from people in positions of influence within the party. (Oh, wait. Some anonymous poster at Daily Kos compared Bush to Hitler back in 2004. Never mind.)

Say what you will about the ruling, but what it tells me is that people like that or people who are impressed and influenced by such madness have no business being in positions of power. Granted, it was fun to watch in the beginning, but now they're just getting to be scary. I'd suggest that some grown-up within the party step up and tell them to knock it off, but they're either egging them on or they've been primaried out of office. 

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