Friday, June 01, 2012

Gender bias in media coverage of the 2012 campaign

Yes, let me tell you all about women.
I just discovered an interesting website called "4th Visualizing the Social Influences of Media & Newsmakers."

They have done some work on the lack of women's voices in the media coverage in the current campaign season. They present some terrific graphics in a feature called "Silenced: The Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage."

About their research they write:

Women are significantly under-represented in 2012 election coverage in major media outlets. In our analysis of news stories and transcripts in the past 6 months, men are much more likely to be quoted on their subjective insights in newspapers and on television. This pattern holds true across all major news outlets, as well as on issues specifically concerning women. For example, in front page articles about the 2012 election that mention abortion or birth control, men are 4 to 7 times more likely to be cited than women. This gender gap undermines the media's credibility.

Note that they are talking about "subjective insights." Mostly these are men kicking back and telling us what they think about women's issues. I can only say that the women I know would really appreciate that.

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