Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney: Likely three-time loser in states he has called home

It does not appear President Obama will have much difficulty carrying Michigan in the fall, at least not according to recent polling by Public Policy Polling (PPP), which found the president leading Mitt Romney by a margin of 54-38 percent.

As for anything that might count as home-field advantage, Romney doesn't have much of that as only 24 percent of voters consider him a Michigander as opposed to 65 percent who do not. His favourability rating is 35/57 percent in the wrong direction.

According to the PPP poll, it isn't just that Romney is so unpopular in the state. Obama's approval ratings are strong with a 53/41 in the positive direction.

Perhaps the most telling number is that 55 percent of voters think Obama is better for the automotive industry compared to 31 percent who think Romney is better. Maybe Mitt shouldn't have taken such a public stand to let Detroit go bankrupt. Bet he wishes he could have that one back.

Here's something interesting. Mitt Romney has ties to three states that have been called "home states" for the presumptive GOP nominee: Massachusetts, Michigan, and California. He was born in Michigan and his father was governor. He was the Governor of Massachusetts. And he has an ocean-front home in California and numerous family connections there.

Unless something dramatic happens, he's going to lose all three to President Obama in the fall. I'm not saying it means anything as such, but it can't feel good to be so poorly regarded in states where you've spent so much time. I guess it adds further proof to my claim that to know Mitt is to dislike Mitt.

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