Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Behind the Ad: Does any sane person think Mitt Romney is the voice of the common man?

(Another installment in our "Behind the Ad" series.)

Who: American Future Fund, a conservative PAC.

Where: Online.

What's going on: This online ad criticizes ties between Wall Street and the Obama administration. It's been a very successful effort, called "Justice for Sale," and it is generating very healthy online traffic. The funny thing is that it asks a few very good questions about why no senior Wall Street executives have been charged for their malfeasance causing the great recession. It draws attention to the pipeline from Wall Street to Washington, which has provided senior staff for the White House. It talks about money that was raised in the past by President Obama from Wall Street sources.

Okay, I'll buy the knock on Obama for being too close to Wall Street. But conservatives being the ones to make the criticism? That's a little weird. People who want to see Mitt Romney, Mr. Vulture Capitalist, as our next president take issues with Obama's relationship to big money? People who never get tired of calling Obama a socialist think he's too close to the epicenter of worldwide capitalism? People who think Obama wants to regulate every facet of our lives, especially business, believe he's in the pocket of the same banks and financial institutions who hate anyone looking over their shoulder?

Consistency is not a strong suit for these people.

And the best part is that if Obama were so beholden to Wall Street, why are they abandoning him in droves to support Mitt Romney? If Obama is such a shill for these folks, Wall Street isn't just ungrateful, they're stupid.

Have a look:

Wall Street Ditches Obama, backs Romney (CNN)

Wall Street Executives Turn Back on Obama, Donating to Romney (The Hill)

Romney Beating Obama in the Fight for Wall Street Cash (New York Times)

Analysis: Mitt Romney, not Obama, the Candidate of Wall Street, Banks, Donations Records Show (National Post)

Mitt Romney Beating President Obama Raising Wall Street Cash (Huffington Post)

Obama Struggling to Raise Donations from Wall Street (Cleveland.com)

Okay, I'll stop there. It wasn't exactly hard to find these links, and there are more where these came from.

But seriously folks, I get it. Some conservatives with money to burn think they can make Mitt Romney the candidate of economic populism by attacking Obama's ties to Wall Street. Yeah, both Romney and Obama have ties to Wall Street. They are national political figures. You can't do that without the money guys to some degree, much as I hate it. But, do you think anyone is going to believe Mitt Romney is the champion of the common man or that Barack Obama represents wealth and privilege in America?

Nice ad, but I think they're wasting their money.

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