Thursday, April 12, 2012

Behind the Ad: In Mitt Romney's own words

By Richard K. Barry

The Obama/Biden Campaign

Where: Nationally

What's going on: For all intents and purposes, the Republican presidential nomination race is settled. Now, the general election begins.

In an ad by the Obama team, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney is caught on tape, as they say, saying stuff. It's always good to be aware that when candidates say things in ads run by their opposition, selective editing is frequently used to make them sound like they support things they don't support. In this case, it ought to be obvious that Romney is saying things he truly claims to believe, at least since he became a candidate for the Republican nomination.

I think it is a relatively fair presentation of where the guy stands. It'll be fun to see which of these statements he softens or reverses as we head into the general election.


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