Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rush the Punk: Thoughts on a "fat, gutless, pill-popping loser"

Don Imus, as you may have heard, yesterday called Limbaugh "a fat, gutless, pill-popping loser" for his "lame apology" to Sandra Fluke, the woman whom he misogynistically called a "slut" and a "prostitute," claiming that she wanted to have subsidized sex when really it was merely to have insurance coverage for contraception for health purposes.

I don't much care for Imus, but I can't argue with that... or this:

It's the worst kind of cowardice. Maybe he's still jacked up on the Oxycontin, or whatever it is, but you can't say stuff about somebody and not, 1) own up to it, and, 2) have guts enough to go sit down with her and say, "Look, I'm sorry and I won't do this again." But no, he's a punk.

And he can get away with his sexism and racism because he operates within an echo chamber of like-minded morons ("dittoheads"), because conservatives worship him, and because Republicans, whatever they think of him, are required to kowtow to him to get anywhere in the party.

And he's not sorry at all. He only insincerely apologized because he's losing sponsors. And he only apologized for "[acting] too much like the leftists who despise [him], which of course is ridiculously stupid -- as if those of us on the left go around calling women sluts and prostitutes and otherwise spewing hateful bigotry.

Does he actually believe this bullshit? Or is he just being as cynically manipulative as usual, lying to his stupidly loyal followers? Or both?

Whatever the case, I hope Ms. Fluke sues his fat, gutless, pill-popping loser ass off.


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