Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Photo of the day: A Havana Industriales baseball cap

A friend just got back from a trip to Cuba. Yes, those of us who live in Canada and have Canadian passports get to do that.

He brought this hat back, which is the cap worn by the Havana Industriales.

Here's the Wikipedia entry for the team, which I find quite interesting: a team hated as much as the New York Yankees. I can relate.

Industriales is a baseball team in the Cuban National Series. One of the two teams based in the city of Havana. Industriales is historically the most successful team in the National Series, the main domestic competition in post-revolutionary Cuban baseball. They are similar to the New York Yankees in the sense that they have fans all over the country, being a sure sellout in any stadium, also hated by many outside the capital. 

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