Monday, March 26, 2012

Paul Ryan a GOP VP choice?

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told Fox News Sunday that, if approached, he would have to consider running for the vice presidency, though he was quick to add that he's given the matter little thought due to his interest in writing and selling the GOP's budget plans to Congress.

According to The Washington Post, some Republicans still think Ryan could bring a seriousness to the ticket that has yet to present itself in the "topsy-turvey and occasionally circus-like process."

Yeah, well, no doubt it's been a circus. But does Ryan's addition really settle things down for the GOP and give them the gravity they may seek? Or does it just add one more clown under the Big Top?

In the same Post article, it's noted that:

Democrats would likely use a Ryan candidacy to try to link the presidential ticket even more closely to Ryan Budget Plan to reshape Medicare and deeply cut federal spending.

Then again, as the Post continues, Democrats have said they would pursue that strategy even if Ryan is not selected to join the ticket.

My guess is that even though Democrats will make GOP attacks on medicare a centrepiece of their campaign, having a target as big as Ryan on the actual ticket is probably not going to be the smart choice. Given that Romney is likely to be their nominee, though, it's hard to see how being smart has really been a characteristic of their efforts to date.

As well, I'm not sure Ryan would want to stand with Romney. I guess I can't help thinking that Ryan is too much of a conservative boy scout, too much of a true believer to be able to stay ahead of Mitt's instant flip-flops. It seems obvious to me that Romney is so duplicitous, that his understanding of the truth so maleable, that he would need someone similarly dishonest on the ticket, someone similarly nimble with the truth (if I can put it that way).

Those kinds of people just aren't that easy to come by. As much as I disagree with Ryan on everything, I think he'd have a hard time being on a Romney ticket, as would anyone with a shred of personal integrity.

And since I can't see Romney choosing Gingrich, I don't know who else would fit the job description

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