Friday, March 16, 2012

Clash of the Titans: What's going through Romney's mind?

Of all the photos I've seen from the Republican campaign trail, this is one of the best -- and funniest:

What makes it even funnier is the caption at Jon Chait's post today: "Clash of the Titans." When I saw that earlier, I broke out in laughter.

The photo captures the essence of the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

There's Santorum, though it could have been any of the anti-Romneys, whether Bachmann or Perry or Cain or Gingrich, no doubt saying something crazy and extremist, so much in earnest, especially so in Santorum's case, with Romney looking on with... with what? What is that look? And what was going through his mind?

-- "What the fuck? Why do you have to say crazy shit like that? Now I have to say even crazier shit just to prove my conservative bona fides. Thanks, Rick."

-- "What the fuck? Listen to this crazy shit. This guy's certifiably insane. How is it I'm not beating him by a mile? How is this happening?"

-- "What the fuck? This guy's making the whole Republican Party look bad. You're a sad, sad loser, Rick. Do you really believe the shit you're spewing?"

-- "What the fuck? What kind of crazy-ass party do I belong to? The base eats this crazy shit up. How the hell can I compete with this?"

-- "What the fuck? I'm rich. I have bank accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans.  I'm best buddies with some NFL owners. My wife drives two Cadillacs. Why do I have to deal with this shit? Can't they just give me the nomination? I deserve it. It's mine."

-- "What the fuck? Thankfully, I have gazillions of dollars to crush this guy with negative ads. I'll humor him, and stand here with this goofy-looking expression on my face until it's my turn."

Okay, so maybe fuck isn't a word that goes through Mitt's mind much. I have no idea. But that look... it's a combination of contempt, frustration, and... sadness... sadness and resignation? Is that really there? Or am I imagining it?

Whatever the case, it's Santorum who's connecting with the party faithful in a way that Romney isn't, and it's Romney, the frontrunner and likely nominee, who looks small, weak, and ineffectual.

Hilarious. And so very revealing.

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