Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dem turnout way up in Michigan

Via twitter: 

MSNBC says early exit polls indicate Dem turnout 10% in Michigan, up 3% from 2008. #OperationHilarity 

-- Markos Moulitsas (@markos)

Hilarity indeed. Anything we can do to facilitate the crackup up the GOP we should do.

Vote Santorum! Go Santorum!

(Though I think Romney will win. By two or three.)


Per exit polls: 10% of turnout is Dem, 50% of that is Santo, 15% of that is Romney. So is worth 3.5% of Santo's #s.

Gotta love Santorum. 


Romney's calling this "dirty tricks," with Santorum seeking Democratic votes, but he has admitted to doing the same thing (voting in Democratic primaries for "the person who I thought would be the weakest opponent for the Republican"). 

And, of course, Santorum is fine with what he's doing. He was against it, now he's for it.

Hypocrisy? You betcha.

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