Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is Herman Cain's game?

I almost feel sorry for Herman Cain. Is it possible he is really as stupid as he appears, that he doesn't understand the meaning of words?

In an interview with The Des Moines Register, he attempted to clarify any confusion he might have created in a previous interview about his stance on reproductive rights.

Question: Part of your 2004 Senate campaign focused on your stance against abortion, something you've struggled in recent days to articulate after an interview with Piers Morgan. What do you need to clarify in that interview?

Answer: I am pro-life from conception. Abortions, no exceptions. That has been my official stance from the beginning. What Piers Morgan was trying to do was to pigeonhole me on, "Well, what if this was your granddaughter?" You know what? If it's my granddaughter? Yes, this is my official position, and it's always been that. If it's my granddaughter? I used the word "choice." And that's where they jumped all over it. A family will make that choice. I was not talking about the whole big issue.

What!!!!!? So, Cain is against abortion in general when it comes to the "whole big issue" but a family has the right to make that decision for themselves, that choice, when it comes to their particular case.

Is there anything about this that makes sense? Is there anything about Cain's candidacy that makes sense if it's not just an attempt to raise his own profile for the sake of a lucrative media career when this is all over?

I don't care what this guy thinks about reproductive rights. I'm sure as hell not voting for him. It's just an embarrassment for the political process that someone so devoid an understanding of basic logic is being touted as a credible candidate for a major political party in America.

Please, Republicans. Get your act together. It's so far beyond cringe-making that it's hard to watch.

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