Friday, October 28, 2011

Rush Limbaugh refuses to back down from support for the Lord's Resistance Army

Following up on Nicholas's post on McCain, Limbaugh, and the Lord's Resistance Army, a reprehensible "Christian" terrorist organization engaging in mass murder in central Africa, I would note that Limbaugh is steadfastly refusing to back down from his support for the LRA (and his opposition to U.S. intervention against it).

His position may be motivated by opposition to anything and everything Obama does, but his (anti-Muslim) Christian zealotry is also part of it (the LRA claims to be Christian, struggling to establish a Christian theocratic state, and Limbaugh has said that U.S. intervention means killing Christians). As is his abject ignorance. He obviously doesn't have a fucking clue what the LRA is all about and what's going on in central Africa. (Many Republicans have joined the president to support intervention, including Sen. James Inhofe.)

Here's TPM with more -- and with a video you all should watch:

At no point did Limbaugh address the fact that he had in effect defended a reviled group first listed as terrorists by President George W. Bush.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this wasn't enough to stop the story from spreading. On Monday the Times of London ran an article about a young woman, Evelyn Apoko, who it said had been "horribly mutilated while working as a human 'mule' for the LRA." The paper wrote that the 22 year-old "demanded an apology" from Limbaugh, but that none had so far been forthcoming.

A group representing Ms. Apoko also wrote to TPM with a link to the video where she asked for that apology, while also detailing what she suffered at the hands of the LRA.

Limbaugh has not yet responded to that. You can watch her video below.

Dear Mr. Limbaugh: Evelyn's Appeal from Strongheart on Vimeo.

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