Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm dancing as fast as I can

Hate and racism are nothing new in America -- we just used to dance around it a lot more. We had a whole secessionist thing-y back in 1861 predicated on that hate and racism. We have always had our fair share of hate-mongering racists legitimized under the umbrella of "political" or "social" organization. In the 1850s, they were the Nativists, who evolved into the Know-Nothings. One hundred years later, in 1958, they became the John Birch Society, which in reality is no different than the Moral Majority of the 1980s.

Today they are the Tea Party, the Bilking 'Baggers educated in the Shire of Reaganism. In reality, all of these groups spout the same shit -- just in different eras. And one other thing they all share in common, they are pretty much funded by the moral equivalents of Attila the Hun, sociopaths with a soul as warm as a cold day in hell, and generalissimos who will ultimately treat the minions that have done their evil bidding like their own personal Sonderkommando in Treblinka.

What is different is that the 'Baggers now have their own reality to show, or rather channel, to spew out a continuous stream of bile and venom under the guise of "news," wrapped in a pretty delivery by such bimbo zombies are Sarah Palin and Gretchen Carlson. Despite the fact that Dancing with the Fox averages somewhere around five million viewers, they have somehow managed to convince everyone, including their rival reality channels, that around five billion people watch and worship at the Temple of Hannity every night.

He who is the squeaky wheel. Squeaky Fromme wheel, that is.

The evolution of cable television like Fox News has made a mockery of leadership and convinced this country that they too will be the next winner on They Shoot Non-Teabaggers, Don't They?. Imagine an entire staff and media organization dedicated to destroying anyone who does not believe exactly as they believe. The stupidity shown by America every night, believing lunatics like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry truly have their best interest at heart, is nothing short of mind-blowing.

But when you see a crowd sing a fight song to Rick Perry's executions and give a rousing ovation to Ron Paul as he ponders whether to let someone without insurance die. you have to wonder if the theories espoused by Alfred Rosenberg (who most assuredly was not Jewish) really were put to rest in 1945.

One thing about Birchers and Moralists and 'Baggers, they make it very clear they don't like to dance with people who are not like them. They believe that anyone who is not one of them is either a leech on society or will be a leech on society. Back in the 1850s, they were beggars and hobos. Today, they are unemployed welfare queens driving SUVs.

Meanwhile, as they dole out crumbs in the name of charity and goodwill toward their fellow citizens, the ruling 'Baggers reserve for themselves special privileges and breaks (how dare Obama propose to extend tax cuts for the middle class!) they will not grant others. Witness complete and total douchebag Republican John Phlegming of Louisiana (what's green, slimy, and votes in Congress?) proudly asserting that he earns $6.3 million dollars a year, BUT "by the time I feed my family I have maybe $400,000 left over to invest..."

In 1932, the German people voted in the NSDAP to rescue them from their economic calamity. That worked out real well for them. Here is what will happen 80 years later on a continent far, far away if we let the lunatics run the asylum.

Rick Perry will be elected president. And he gets a 'Bagger supermajority in the House and Senate.
Please rank in order what you think will be shut down / eliminated / accomplished by the Perry-Boner-Chins McConnell axis (here is my ranked list):
  1. Roe v. Wade overturned
  2. EPA closed
  3. Education Dept. closed
  4. Social Security privatized
  5. FEMA shut down
  6. Medicare/Medicaid eliminated
  7. Fed disbanded
  8. Minimum wage ended
  9. Drilling in national parks
  10. Planned Parenthood closed
  11. FDA shut down
  12. SEC weakened
  13. DADT re-instated
  14. Prayer in schools required
Please add any others that I missed.

I really want to see the face of people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Alaska when they realize that the checks have stopped coming and medical care is available solely for those who can pay $5,000 for a flu shot. When the common folk finally realize it is the very cable TV entertainers they voted in who are creating the classed society they thought the "liberals" were forcing on them, it will be too late. Rick Perry and company will have the xanax, the butter, AND the guns.

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  • if your half your list came true, it would be wonderful. The only thing I would not support is prayer in schools. But I suppose that is because I would support the end of the DepT of Education! So there would be no public schools!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:23 AM  

  • Well, that's just stupid. Typical right-wing extremism, of course, but also stupid. Even under your dream scenario, states would run public schools. Or are you against that too?

    By Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings, at 10:05 PM  

  • Responding to such people feels a bit like scraping dog shit off your shoe, but these marginal people feel important by repeating these stupid Tea Party tropes just like adolescents mooning adults.

    And why, one might ask, is this bozo against education? Hmmmm

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 9:01 AM  

  • i suppose that guy looks forward to paying every time he goes on the roads or how about when his neighbor cant afford to call the fire dept - so his house burns down

    you are so right capt fogg - it is not worth arguing with idiots like that - they have NO clue ghow truly bad it would be like for the non uber rich in teabag nirvana

    By Blogger Distributorcap, at 9:00 PM  

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