Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Ten Cloves: Possible reasons Sarah Palin cancelled her bus tour

10.  Looking to get in line early for the new iPhone

9.  Believed, since trademark of her name came through, if continued tour, would have to sue herself

8.  Just following history - didn't Paul Revere take a break during his ride?

6.  The GPS in Palin's bus is on the same system as the one used by United Airlines

5.  Already quit the Governor's job - what else was left to quit?

4.  Took advice from LeGone James to just sit out the last quarter of the tour

3.  Wanted to get off the road in time to catch Keith Olbermann's debut on CurrentTV

2.  Has a new idea, to do, kind of, a "Winning" tour, like Charlie Sheen

1.  Lost the bus to Tobey Maguire in a poker game


Bonus Riffs 

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