Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giffords opens eyes, but conservatives accuse Obama of lying

In one of the most cynical displays in recent memory, following the lead of Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, several conservative websites -- including Fox Nation and MRC arm CNS News -- suggested that President Obama lied last night when he said that Rep. Giffords had opened her eyes for the first time shortly after his Wednesday night visit to the hospital.

In a recently-completed press conference, Giffords' doctor Peter Rhee explained that what Obama said last night about Giffords opening her eyes was "true." 

As if we needed yet more evidence that many conservatives have zero credibility. They just attack Obama (and any other opponent) no matter what, regardless of the facts.

In this case, Giffords opening her eyes should be cause for celebration. It's wonderful news, and yet another sign of an amazing recovery. It certainly should not be turned into partisan fodder -- which is precisely what these conservatives were doing in claiming, without any evidence at all, that Obama was lying.

As Steve Benen writes:

The "lie" the right had uncovered wasn't a lie at all.

But stepping back, it's worth realizing how truly ridiculous the criticism from the right is even at face value. Obama had heartening news about a congresswoman who very nearly died, and that news happened to be true. For some conservatives, however, this was not only an opportunity to catch the president in some kind of "gotcha" moment -- an effort that proved wrong anyway -- but also to parse the meaning of the word "open."

Is the right really this desperate? Do they hang on the president's every word, wondering how to manipulate his every remark into some kind of cheap attack?

Good lord, these guys really need to grow up. This is just pathetic.

Yup. Pathetic -- and revealing of what they're all about.

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