Saturday, August 07, 2010

Arcade Remedies

by Distributorcap

You have to hand it to the right and the teabaggers - they bring the definition of fickle to a new level. While one side of their recti mouths talk about being "strict constitutionalists" and how "activist jurists" are ruining the country, the other side talks about changing (or rather just getting rid of) amendments that do not fit their vision of 21st century lebensraum.

We can make this easy for the teabaggers. Lets take the Amendments that they find problematic like:
  • 1st - with that pesky freedom of religion clause allowing a terrorist shrine mosque to be built in lower Manhattan
  • 14th - with the annoying definition of citizenship clause allowing all those illegals to give birth here
  • 17th - with the anachronistic law that gives the people direct election of their Senators
  • Commerce Clause - with that ridiculous law that gives Congress power to regulate the economy
and line them up in the Constitutional Shooting Gallery. The we can have the absolute, cannot-be-touched, well-defined and non-negotiable 2nd Amendment "get rid of" the ones they don't like - using Sharron Angle's 2nd Amendment Remedy as the game plan.

If you take out all four with four shots, you win a Grizzly Mama.

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