Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me and the Olympics; or, when Canada rules!

Yeah, so I'm not blogging as much as usual with the Olympics on, what with such extensive coverage on three different Canadian networks.

But you know what? We rule!

Uh... at... uh... ice dancing? Yes!

No, it's not a sport, and it's utterly ridiculous, with the performers -- it's undeniably athletic, and commentators fall all over themselves trying to justify it as a sport by protesting that it's so very athletic, but I refuse to call them athletes (although curlers aren't really athletes either, and I love curling) -- having to go into "character," but... we're #1... we're #1!

Take that, American runner-ups who are best friends with the Canadians and who skated really well and who could very well have won the gold. Take that! You beat us at hockey, but not here, not now, not with the ice dancing. That's our sport, er, event, er, something, and we're simply the best, except when the Russians or the French are.

Still, my congratulations to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I jest -- in all seriousness -- but it was an impressive performance, and even a win in a non-sport like ice dancing arouses my national pride.

(And my congratulations to our women's hockey team, which will be in the gold medal game against the U.S. after a 5-0 win over Finland. Now if only our men's team could kick it up a few notches and play at the level we expect.)

We really do rule, where it matters.

Anyway... I'm tweeting as much as blogging, mostly on the Olympics, and you can find that over at Twitter, of course, where I amuse myself while flipping around the channels.

But keep checking back here for more from me and the team, most of which -- alas -- is cheering on the U.S.

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