Monday, February 22, 2010

Gotta love that Republican hypocrisy

The specific culprits: Reps. Jo Bonner and Robert Aderholt, both of Alabama, who "took to the U.S. House floor in July, denouncing the Obama administration's stimulus plan for failing to boost employment. 'Where are the jobs?' each of them asked."

And then? "Over the next three months, Bonner and Aderholt tried at least five times to steer stimulus-funded transportation grants to Alabama on grounds that the projects would help create thousands of jobs." 

Speaking of jobs, these two clowns should lose theirs. Unfortunately, given that this is Alabama, it's far more likely they'll be allowed to remain in office to push for more and more pork while slamming government.

But that's the GOP for you, a party mired in hypocrisy, much of it clueless, a party that, while the Titanic was sinking, would have complained about the existence of lifeboats before securing as many as possible for themselves.


I mean, seriously, do you think they're just too stupid to have any sense of their own hypocrisy, or do you think they're just a bunch of cynical hacks?

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