Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ex-Bush mouthpiece hearts Todd Palin

By J. Thomas Duffy

Oh my, this is tremendously embarrassing.

I mean, not that Nicolle Wallace was ever some glaring, burning, brilliant light of intellect, but to be publically drooling, lasciviously panting, over Mommy Moose's husband, that really takes the cake.

When last we heard from her, she was dissing Obama, and pitching the golden virtues of the debunked Maverick's concession speech.

But, today ...


Nicolle Wallace, former senior adviser to the McCain presidential campaign, did little to defend Sarah Palin at a panel discussion for Washington Post reporter Anne Kornblut's new book "Notes from the Cracked Ceiling" on Tuesday night. Asked if the team was "ready for anything" when they selected Palin as their nominee, Wallace replied, "We were never ready ... no one was prepared to defend her. Nobody knew anything."


Wallace did praise Todd Palin, the former governor's husband and the so-called "first dude." Todd Palin was an "extraordinary spouse," Wallace said, adding that he will be a "great model for what the first husband will look like."

How to be professional there, Nickie ...

You trying to make Nancy Puss'n'Boots look good?

Maybe she's sucking up for 2012.

With a comment like that, she should be banished to work with Glenn Beck, since she already has the experience of trying to sell a completely empty, ridiculously unprepared, and totally idiotic candidate like The Wasilla Whiz Kid.

Not to mention, that it's past time for all the Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, and Mommy Moose, enablers to drop the "Claude Raines - I'm Shocked, Shocked To Find Gambling Going On Here", when it comes to the profound incompetence of the Dead Campaign Express.

Help Me Mister Wizard!

Make them all go away!

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