Thursday, January 07, 2010

Britain under snow

Check out this incredible NASA satellite image of Britain, taken early this morning, from the Telegraph.

As you may have heard, Europe has been hit hard so far this winter, and pretty much all of Britain is covered in snow -- which, you may know, isn't exactly normal.

I just talked to my mother -- who lives in SE England with my father and sister (my brother lives not too far away from them) -- a short while ago, and the village they live in, up in the Chiltern hills between London and Oxford, is virtually inaccessible except to 4WD vehicles. I've been there in winter, and I'm sure, like always, it's incredibly beautiful, but it's not exactly convenient for those who live there.

Schools are closed everywhere, grocery stores can't get food in, and there just isn't the infrastructure, like the fleet of snow ploughs we have here in Toronto (where we're used to this sort of weather), to dig out the country, which means that rural roads like the ones leading to and from our village haven't been cleared.

And don't say this is evidence that global warming is a hoax. I have no time for such idiocy. Weather does not equal climate, global warming can lead to crazy weather, and I've already addressed this many times before -- including here.

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  • Not all is under the weather - many businesses are struggling as it is without our "sturdy" resolve whimpering under a bit of snow.

    Some companies have contingency plans, such as this example

    By Blogger MConnaughton, at 8:12 AM  

  • It is the global warming : The golf stream is reversing and now in winter they have cold winter.

    By Anonymous chris, at 10:34 AM  

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