Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mock them, please

By Creature

Yes, I mind that Michelle Malkin got a forum on This Week this morning. It's not so much that media shouldn't give her a forum, it's more so--and this was abundantly clear on This Week--that she's treated as a serious commentator. She's not. If she's going to get national attention she should be pressed on her fringe views (lies). She should be exposed as ridiculous. This I don't see happening, ever. And that holds for Malkin and GOP members that parrot her points (lies).

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  • I too was appalled that Malkin was chosen to appear on This Week's roundtable, whose hallmark is civil discussion, not the hyper-ideological bomb throwing that Malkin engages in. But I was pleased that nobody agreed with her, and her statements were often countered, when she wasn't completely off topic. Still, she is a poor replacement for George Will, who is both more civil and more reasonable than Malkin, if just as wrong on most issues.

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