Friday, April 10, 2009

The Reaction in review (April 10, 2009)

The week's Reactions that deserve a second look:


By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Pirate hostage stand-off continues off Somali coast" -- Michael's interesting piece on piracy gives a completely new perspective on the seriousness of the situation.


By Carl: "A message of hope" -- If you can click on only one of these links, Carl's wonderful post should be the one, because it could inspire you for the rest of the day -- or the week, for that matter.

By J. Thomas Duffy: "I See London, I See France ..." -- Duffy explains how it is that Alan Greenspan has his reputation for brilliance in economic theory and adds, "I hope this doesn't mean we have to look forward to bailing out the underwear industry."

By Jessie Daniels: "The Af/Pak strategy: Setting the stage at home" -- Another very finely written (Truman Project) guest post argues that "failure to lay the groundwork for what the [American] public should expect in Afghanistan and Pakistan may have serious consequences in the near future."

By Boatboy: "C'mon over, my wife's away" -- Also a guest post, this piece is a very interesting exploration (and take-down) of 4 of the arguments opposing same sex marriage, penned by a very articulate writer.


By Capt. Fogg: "One if by land, two if by Internet" -- This important post, in support of Richard Clarke's warnings about protecting the U.S. power, is worthy of reading because it is good and because we could all be impacted by possible Internet failures.

By Jim Arkedis: "DoD numbers on personnel spending" -- Jim's tight little post brings the numbers into stark relief; it's really good food for thought.

By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Vermont legalizes same-sex marriage" -- Michael's well done news post adds a bit of useful history as well as the facts of the event.


By Mustang Bobby: "Basic accounting" -- Bobby, in a very well-written argument for truth and accountability, takes to task all the right-wing fear-mongering about President Obama's position on gun control.

By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Craziest Republican of the Day: Michele Bachmann (again)" -- Michael joins the chorus of disbelief over the latest utterances of this Rep., saying "no summary would do the craziness justice."

By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Madness!" -- Michael explains that he has been overcome with sports of late and unable to blog; it's a very good read for someone unable to post.


By Edward Copeland: "Why doesn't anyone really talk health care?" -- To quote Edward's conclusion from this absolutely riveting post, "Someone needs to crack down on the health care industry, you know, the way they should have done on the banks and Wall Street.

By Carl: "Gunnin' for the bottom" -- Carl's very thoughtful and well done post looks at the two recent instances of multiple killings (in Binghamton N.Y. and near Pittsburgh), in light of a number of gun-control issues.

By Carol Gee: "Focus on Obama Policies" -- The intro, "this post plays catch-up with some of the political news that has sped by in just this past week."

Bonus Feature this week: "Quotes of the Day" --

By Michael J.W. Stickings: Roger Ebert on (to) Bill O'Reilly. Plus Axelrod on Cheney.

By Creature: President Obama answers his critics. Right-winger Frank Gaffney explains (something?).

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