Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Republican crack-up

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Politico's Ben Smith: "Rush whacks Newt."

Awesome. The Republican/conservative civil war continues to be one of the best shows in town, and it looks to have a long run ahead of it.

See also "Frum vs. Limbaugh" at The American Spectator.


Meanwhile, at Rasmussen: "Republicans See Their Party As Leaderless."

Leaderless, perhaps, but not rudderless. The problem is, the rudder is stuck, and the ship, full of holes, without a pilot, or with many competing pilots, each one delusional and deficient, including Dear Leader Rush, is veering to the right and going round and round in circles, slowly sinking into its own extremist ideological vortex.

Enjoy it, my friends. Enjoy it.

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