Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's not fraud when we do it

By Capt. Fogg

We've certainly seen and heard plenty of haughty harumphment aver the tax problems of Tim Geithner. We've had more of the "more of the same" from the same folks who gave us, or tried to give us, Sarah Palin as a Joan of Arc reformer and an upholder of the kind of ethics Republicans like to talk about while trying to keep us from examining their own failings.

We're not seeing a hell of a lot about Sarah Palin's tax problems. It seems that it hadn't occurred to her that the additional "travel related" money she was being paid for staying at home in Wasilla ( since her home isn't in the capitol, Juneau) was taxable income. Of course, we learned a long time ago that the State of Alaska has been paying for all kinds of family expenses like tickets to basketball games, and sled races, but these things are "private matters" according to her spokeswoman. That's because she's a Republican in a red state. Otherwise, any personal detail would be a public matter and could and would be used against her by her party's scandal machine. I'm still waiting for the "liberal press" to make a fuss about it. I'm still waiting to hear why everything we do or say on the phone or in our mail: why everything we buy and everywhere we go is no longer a private matter as far as the Government is concerned.

Next time they tell me what a bad break Sarah got from the mean old media, I might just have to mention this, as well as to relate my litany of her other lies.

Of course, Alaska is in for some hard times, since 90% of its revenue comes from soaking the oil companies, hard as that might be to explain to laissez faire lovers who supported her anti-tax rhetoric. "Living within our means and putting money aside for a rainier day" is something, like ethics, that Sarah likes to give lip-service to while running up debt like a mainstream Republican.

But they're still talking about her as a presidential candidate, which is fine with me. Let her select Joe the Plumber as VP, too. and maybe the accountant she used to hide her expense account shenanigans for secretary of the Treasury as well. The country's going to hell anyway and we might just as well get it over with. You betcha!

(Cross-posted from Human Voices.)

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