Friday, January 02, 2009

The Reaction in review (Jan.2, 2009)

A week's Reactions that deserve a second look:
Looking back and looking forward to a Happy New Year!


By Carol Gee: "Any sign that demilitarization is coming?" -- A post focused on the Obama Transition possibilities for directorial appointments as DNI and at the CIA, asking why only military men.

By Mustang Bobby: "The culture of victimhood" -- Bobby's got a great post here; a thorough reminder of all the silly whining by "wronged" Republicans who can't take responsibility for their massive failures.

By Creature: "More legacy polishing" -- Creature, like most of us, is disgusted with Bush admin whining about how misunderstood they have been. Related reading: "The legacy tour continues"


By Capt. Fogg: "Fortune 21 - who's the dumbest of us all?" -- Fogg reacts to Fortune Magazine's top 21 feats of stupidity in 2008.

By Carol Gee: "Saying Hello To 2009" -- A post about Bush's war in Iraq, the Middle East and the military; it is related to an earlier post, "Saying goodbye to 2008," good-riddance reactions to Republicans' lousy leadership.

By J. Thomas Duffy: "Top Ten Cloves: Ways Harry Reid and Democrats can keep Roland Burris from taking Senate seat" -- Do not miss Duffy's latest cleverness which Reid would do well to read; includes Bonus Burris-Blagojevic Hijinks.


By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Happy New Year" -- Our esteemed
founder and editor's "Happy New Year" greeting card and personal newsletter; it is a look back at his 2008, as well as looking ahead to 2009.

By Capt. Fogg: "Wise to the words" -- Fogg enlists his helpful consultant, Dr. Syntax, to remind us of latest least favorite "linguistic transgressions."

By Carl: "In the rearview mirror" -- All who love Carl's work, and we are legions, will truly enjoy his personal reactions to the 2008 blogging year, along with his anticipations in 2009. Related: (re 2008 predictions) "Year in Review," and though, "Nobody asked me, but..." (2009 predictions).

By Libby Spencer: "The book larnin' president" -- Libby's reaction to the revelation that Bush indeed reads, ". . . you can lead a man to a book, but you can't make him absorb the content, or take any lessons from it."


By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Minnesota Senate -- update 8" -- Michael has been sterling about reporting on this very interesting election tussel.

By Michael J.W. Stickings: "Ignorance and racism, alive and well in the GOP" -- Regarding the CD sent out to party members, Michael asserts, with some good reason, that ". . . many Republicans, it seems, are unabashedly racist -- and in a complete state of denial about it." Includes Capt. Fogg (he's the best) vs. Anonymous comments.


By Creature: "Macho doesn't work as foreign policy" -- This succinct reaction to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict says it all for many of us.

By Carl: "Capt Obvious! Your story is up!" -- Carl's very thoughtful and useful post on kids and premarital sex.

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