Friday, November 07, 2008

Post-election: Time for everybody to regroup

By Carol Gee

Few in the progressive blogosphere have totally adjusted to the excitement of a new election reality. It will take some considerable time for me to regroup after the election, to adjust to all this. Events, however, have a way of taking over. Therefore, our job is to just get on board and catch up.

Noteworthy events -- Neilson reports that 71.4 million people watched the election returns. Regarding Republicans, Julie Myers is resigning# early as the Head of ICE in the Department of Homeland Security. This followed her apparent leak of Obama's aunt's name and immigration status. GOP policy changes are being discussed among the old guard. Bill Kristol thinks it would be a good idea to keep PNAC going,# "to help Omama if he does the right thing." God help us! And among Congressional Republicans, resignations and switches are happening with the speed only losers can muster. And all John Boehner seems to be able to do is bluster. The Alaskan election situation* is very murky, and all Palin fans do is continue to dig their hole deeper.#

Regarding Democrats -- At the same time, a winning Obama is also moving with speed on setting his permanent White House staff, but for very different reasons. Get used to these names: Rahm Emanuel -- Chief of Staff, Robert Gibbs -- Press Secretary, and Larry Summers (in the lead for Treasury Secretary), according to Fortune Magazine. It cannot happen too soon. President-elect Obama has already spoken with a significant number of world leaders. Our current president's (OCP) economic summit is scheduled for November 15. President-elect Obama has not yet decided whether to attend.

Hat Tip Key: Regular contributors of links to leads are "betmo"* and Jon#.

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