Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary says yes

By Creature

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next Secretary of State.

Good? Bad? Who knows. My initial positive reaction to the pick has been tempered somewhat by the media circus that followed (and, may I stress, media circus, as in media created and driven). Personally, I think Hillary is a hard worker, as evidenced by her time as senator, and drama-free as such a worker. I do not believe Bill will be a distraction either. Was he as Hillary preformed her senatorial duties? I think not.

I am still a bit concerned with her hawkishness, but if you take her appointment as bad cop to Obama's good then maybe I can get around her tendency to support a harder line.

Overall, Obama is the president and Hillary will support her president. Of this I have no doubt. Honestly, I smell a peace prize in her future and I think this is what Obama is betting on.

Update: A Hillary spokesperson says the report of Hillary's acceptance is premature. OK, so maybe the drama is not all media driven.

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Just a quick word. I think this is an excellent move on Obama's part (as well as Hillary's), and, like Creature, I'm confident they will make an effective foreign policy team. For more, see my "Team of Allies" post, as well as this follow-up.


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